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Best Apps for New Moms

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Being a new mom can be overwhelming; you might have so many questions and so many things on your plate you are not even sure where to start. Thanks to living in the age of technology, we have lots of great resources at the tips of our fingers.  Today I wanted to share some of the best apps for new moms.  All of the apps below were truly amazing when the boys were first born.  And 10 months later, I still use many of them on a daily basis!

Best Apps for New Moms

WebMD Baby
This app does so much more than I first expected.  Not only do you have access to hundreds are medical articles that are specific to babies; but you can also track your babies growth, soiled diapers, sleep, and feeding schedules.  As an added bonus this app is FREE. 

White Noise Lite (ios)(android)
Are YOU having trouble sleeping? Or what about your little one? When my boys were eating every couple of hours throughout the night, I often struggled to fall back to sleep. White Noise Lite was the perfect fix; providing ambient sounds to help me sleep. There are tons of different sounds to choose from; crashing waves, rain fall, even crickets chirping.  You are able to import new sounds that you can purchase.  As well as mix sounds together! This app is also FREE. 

This app is by Medela and gives new mothers the breastfeeding support and helpful information they’ll need when first getting started. It also allows you to track your feeding and pumping schedule. This app is FREE.

Growth App (ios)
I love this app.  It might seem silly; but I have loved watching my boys grow into the big babies they are today.  Born prematurely at 4 pounds, I am amazed at their current location on the growth charts.  This app lets you choose the official WHO or CDC templates from birth to 20 years old.  They even have a chart for preemies!  This app is FREE

The Wonder Weeks
This app accompanies a book with the same name.  This is my go to app when I cannot figure out just what is going on with my babies.  It is a calendar that explains the development of your baby.  It explains why your baby might be fussy, sleeping or eating poorly, and gives you manageable suggestions for how you can help your baby through these rough patches.  This app is $1.99 but I promise it is worth it!

This app is not necessarily for parents; in fact I had it on my phone long before I became a mom.  However, this app became my best friend after the babies were born.  My cloudy pregnancy brain did not fade away after the babies were born. Instead, pregnancy brain just became mommy brain.  I literally have about 45 seconds from the time something pops into my head and when it disappears from my brain. AnyList is the best way to create and share grocery shopping lists. I can share lists with my husband, my mom, even a friend who has offered to do shopping for me.  AnyList lets you create any kind of list you’d want; from the grocery store, to Target, to Costco.  We have running lists for all of these! This app is FREE and a serious life saver. 


Parents, what are your go-to apps? Did I miss any of the best apps for new moms?


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Make A List, and Check it Twice

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Jackie-kennedy-quote Book Delight


#TWSS Oprah Winfrey


I love making lists.  Writing things down, crossing things off.  I am a believer in making a list and checking it twice.  From a daily to-do list, to a birthday wish list, to a 30 before 30 list… lists are my BFF.  They keep my grounded, they help me remember, they inspire me.

This quote by Oprah about devoting your day to doing something daring had be thinking a lot about my 30 before 30 list.  My 30th birthday seems closer than ever (gulp) and while I still have quite a few things to cross off and this sometimes overwhelms me. Because who wants an unfinished, an uncrossed off list!?! But today, that is not the point.  

The point is, when I look at the list I created on my 25th birthday, I am proud of what I have accomplished in the last 3 and 1/2 years.  I am in awe of the days that I devoted to doing something daring and bold; something for ME, something on my “bucket list”.  

When I look at my 30 before 30 list; it is a reflection of who I have become and what I have accomplished.  

I had never ran more than a (forced) mile in PE when I made this list.  I think perhaps I may have had a glass of wine or two as I wrote down not only run a 5K but also run a marathon.  To think, just a couple years ago running was not a part of my life.  And now, today, I can hardly imagine my life without my running shoes. 

When I see learn to knit, tears come to my eyes.  My dear friend taught me to knit when I was in the hospital on bed rest keeping my babies cooking as long as possible.  When I made this list, who would have ever imagined I would be pregnant with twins and needing something to keep my hands and heart busy.  With each knit and pearl stitched, I said a silent prayer to keep my two babies in my belly for as long as possible.

When I see visit Paris, Germany, go on a couples vacation; I am flooded with memories of laughter and adventure.  Memories of a belly filled with delicious exotic food.  Memories of sights seen and memories made.  I am so fortunate to have travelled so much before I became a Mama; as I don’t think we will be heading back to Europe any time soon.  However, Italy is still on the list, and I am crossing my fingers we could go for our 30th birthdays.  Want to watch the boys for us??

Do you have a “bucket list”? Do you make to-do lists??

I am sharing some of my go to to-do lists for tackling every day adventures! Below each printable you will see a link that will take  you to the site to print it for yourself. Enjoy!

Standard To Do ListScreen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.10.40 PMDesign Eat Repeat

Daily To Do List with “I’m Thankful For…”Daily To Do List with GratitudeDIY Home Sweet Home

Tic Tac Do
Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.14.51 PMDesign Eat Repeat

Morning, Afternoon, Evening To Do List

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.35.35 PMThirty Handmade Days

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A Day in the Life of a Twin Mom {in Numbers}

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A day in the life of a twin mom.  My life as a stay at home twin mom. My life filled with happiness, tears, joys, frustrations, and little victories.  My life filled with to-do lists, diapers, bottles, and chai tea lattes.  My life filled with two of the happiest babies on the planet.

A day in the life of a twin mom… it’s all about the numbers!

Ready for a glimpse into a day in the life of a twin mom Read more here!Image courtesy of varandah at FreeDigitalPhotos

18 diapers changed
2 chai tea lattes drank
1 elliptical workout
1 shower taken

6 cleanings of high chair traysA Day in the Life of a Twin Mom2 loads of wash cleaned
2 loads of wash folded
0 loads of wash put away (maybe tomorrow)
 3 errands ran
6 times I heard the words, “Wow, you have your hands full.”

A Day in the Life of a Twin Mom 7

5 times I answered the question, “Are they twins?”
7 times the boys both wanted to be held at the same time
8 bottles washed

6 sippy cups washed
12 meals madeA Day in the Life of a Twin Mom 5 1 Pandora station listened to
2 naps taken
15 balls lost and found and lost and found…. all.day.long!
4 dance parties
1 Starbucks runA Day in the Life of a Twin Mom 92 Instagram posts
5 tweets sent
2 Facebook updates
8 comments on other blogs (success!)
3 emails sent
26 books readA Day in the Life of a Twin Mom 8 7 rounds of peek-a-boo
1 diaper bag packed
1 dishwasher unloaded
3 pots washed

Over 100 kisses given
2 babies bathed (at the same time, woo hoo!)A Day in the Life of Twin Mom 3 2 babies loved and cuddled
6 tickle fights
34 text messages sent; encouraging, loving, maybe even a little gossiping with friends 
3 FaceTime sessions with our loved ones who live too far away for our liking

2 puggles tugged on and kissed and chasedA Day in the Life of a Twin Mom 43 temper tantrums thrown by 1 baby
4 bumped heads kissed
11 selfies taken
32 pictures taken
5 times of Mama cleaning up the play room A Day in the Life of a Twin Mom 6 34 text messages sent; encouraging, loving, maybe even a little gossiping with friends who cannot be on my couch next to me all the time
3 FaceTime sessions with our loved ones who live too far away for our liking
1 baby put to bed in his crib
1 overly tired, teething baby rocked to sleep in his mama’s arms
1 to-do list written for tomorrow
1 blog post written… another one in the works
2 glasses of wine consumed
1 more happiest day of my life

Mama and her twin boys

Thank you Mia and Vashelle for hosting such an inspired link up.

WOD Link Up

 Mia has been so sweet and SO supportive of my That’s What She Said link up, I have been trying to find a hot minute to join in her fun.  Today was the perfect day. I had so much fun sharing this glimpse into my normal! XO

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How to Make Babies First Easter Special

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Do you have a little one is your house who will be celebrating their first Easter in a couple of weeks?? Our precious little boys will be celebrating their first Easter and we are so excited.  Easter has never been a big holiday for our family, but we are excited to start some new traditions with the boys this year.  I thought I would share some ideas with you on how to make babies first Easter special.   

How to Make Babies First Easter Special
Make them a special Easter basket
My mom has graciously taken on the task of making the boys a special Easter basket that will look just like mine from when I was a little girl.  I recently shared a whole bunch of ideas for what you could fill your babies Easter basket with here.

Spend time outside
Most of the country is finally leaving the cold, wintery, snow behind them and enjoying some sunshine.  So spend some time outside; go for a walk or a hike.  Let your little one pick flowers and soak up some sun!

Visit the Easter Bunny
Several of our local malls have an Easter Bunny that you can go and visit, similar to Santa! Take a trip and snap a picture with him.

Start a family tradition
Will the Easter bunny leave paw prints on the floor? Will your little one get a new bonnet or bow tie? Maybe you will decide to dye some Easter eggs (here is a great resource for natural egg dye methods) together.

Have an Easter themed photo shoot
Did you see the pictures of the boys from Valentine’s Day?? You could easily do something similar for Easter! Grab some bunny ear headbands from the dollar store and you are all set! Do you have some plastic eggs around the house? There ya go! Make it fun and super low key!

Plant something together
If feel like planting a flower, bush, or tree is a great way to celebrate any milestone; but to me it is extra perfect for Easter, as it is the perfect time of year.  Right in the midst of spring who wouldn’t want to do a little gardening? You can let your little one “help”; as much or as little as they can.  Even if they are just the supervisor of the job!

Celebrate with a yummy meal with family or friends
If your little one is old enough, you can even let them eat some of the tasty Easter dishes.  Most importantly surround your baby with those who love them most.


What are your plans for Easter this year? I would love to hear what you plan on doing to make babies first Easter special!


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Ideas for Babies First Easter Basket and a #Giveaway

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 Easter has never been a huge holiday or celebration for Matt and I. We typically celebrated by heading to church in the morning, followed by a yummy brunch out at a restaurant.  This year will be different! No more fancy brunch out for us.  We are going to do brunch at the house instead, and the Easter Bunny will be making his first visit to our house! Yay! Since Easter is right around the corner and I have started to think about what the Easter Bunny might leave for the boys on their very first Easter.

I decided I would share some of my ideas for babies first Easter basket with you too! These are all great ideas that would work for a newborn through a 12 month old.  Lots of the ideas are practical items that perhaps they would need anyway, and some are more fun, just-because ideas.  I tried to be practical and think of spring and summertime items that your baby may not have yet when coming up with these ideas for babies first Easter basket. Enjoy!

Ideas for Babies First Easter Basket


Plastic Easter eggs filled with… puffs, yogurt melts, bunny crackers etc.
Rabbit Ears headband
Stuffed animal… bunny, chick, etc.
Easter Books
Children’s Bible
Snack catcher
Sippy Cups
Bubble bath
Bath toys
Bath crayons
Hooded bath towel
Sun hat
Water table for backyard
Floaties for pool
Stackable Cups
Toy cars/trucks
Finger paints
VeggieTaless DVD

Ideas for Babies First Easter Basket

And now the fun part! Want to enter to win something you could add to your little ones Easter basket? How about these adorable VeggieTales plush toys? See them in the photo above?? Aren’t they darling? They would make the perfect addition to your babies first Easter basket.  Details below. Giveaway is open to US citizens only please.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*I received two VeggieTales plush toys to keep for myself, and two to giveaway from Grace Hill Media* 

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Growing Up with Harry Potter #TWSS #LinkUp

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This Weeks Quote

#TWSS Jane Austen

I vividly remember being 4 years old, wide-eyed little girl, walking up to my mom and asking her, “Will you teach me to read?” I think this might be my first true memory. I remember being eager to learn how to read; to be able to pick up a book and take myself on an adventure.  Plus my big sister could read, and I was all about doing everything and anything she was doing.  I constantly had my nose stuck in a book and found excitement in going to the library to check out a book.  I loved learning new words and reading of places and adventures I could not have imagined without the words printed in the books I read.

When I was in middle school my love of reading was taken to a new place. In 1998, I started a journey that would last me through college. I started a journey that would last for nearly 10 of the most important and influential years of my life.  I started a journey that was about to shape and mold and guide my life as I opened up the largest book I had ever read to date.  I started a journey as I read the following words….

Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.

The Boy Who Lived

I grew up with Harry Potter. I have memories of midnight release parties at Barnes and Noble.  Memories of fighting with siblings as to who got to read the book first. It was always me.  I always got to read them first, as I was the fastest reader and no one could argue with that point.  I have memories of reading and re-reading them. All of them. Over and over again.  I laughed, and cried, and cried some more.  

My heart ached with sadness and sorrow when the final book of the series came out.  I was in college and I was heartbroken over a book written for children.  But Harry, and Hermione, and the wonderfully quirky Weasley clan had been with me for what felt like my entire life.  I may have stayed up reading the book, without putting it down for longer than a few minutes to eat.  My eyes filled with tears when I opened the book and I knew this was an end of an era for me.  My eyes may have filled with tears as I typed this post.  Because I grew up with Harry Potter.  He felt like a best friend.  And he taught me so much.

Lessons Learned from Growing Up with Harry Potter

Family is more than blood.
The whole series of Harry Potter is a constant reminder that family is so much more than those who are related to you through blood.  The Weasleys become Harry’s surrogate family over the course of the books. The love and acceptance they offer Harry is so much more than the Dursleys, his blood family, ever could. 

Sometimes rules were made to be broken.
More times that I can count; Harry and his friends were breaking and bending the rules for the greater good of those they love. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that!

Loss does not define us
So many characters in the Harry Potter series struggle with the loss of those they love most dearly.  From Harry himself, to Neville, to Luna, to the Weasley family, and so many more.  Harry Potter teaches us that it is through our memories of our loved ones that we are able to keep them with us in our darkest times.  

Things, and more importantly people, are not always what they seem
Oh Snape, how I despised you every page of our journey together.  My dislike for him ran deep.  And then, it is all so perfectly clear.  Snape is not the bad guy.  He is not the villain.  He is a hero.  And such a brave, wonderful wizard. 

You need a village, a team, a group
From winning your Quidditch match; to fighting Death Eaters, to passing your Potions exam.  You need a support system; a group of people to turn to and work with through it all.  

There is nothing stronger than a mothers love
There are countless times that this lesson is taught during the series.  But two profound instances come to mind immediately.  First with Lilly Potter’s ultimate gift of protecting and saving the life her baby boy.  Secondly when Molly Weasley steps between her daughter and a death eater and declares, “Not my daughter….”.  Don’t mess with a Mama bear! 

Sometimes we must make the difficult choice to protect those around us
I think this is a lesson we learned thanks to nearly every character in the series.  Almost all choices that were made were difficult ones; but they were made with careful thought and consideration. Hermione erasing her parents memories is one of the most heartwarming, yet heart wrenching moments in the series. All decisions come from love. 

The stories we love most will always stay with us
Thank you JK Rowling for sharing your story with us.  Thank you for writing a story that taught us so many things. A story that is timeless. A story that I cannot wait to share with my babies when they are older. 

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