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Lipgloss and Mascara- That’s What She Said #LinkUp

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Thank you everyone who shared their “right” with us last week!

This week’s quote:

#TWSS: Sometimes you just have to put on lipgloss and pretend to be psyched.- Mindy Kaling

Do you ever have a case of the Mondays on a Tuesday? Or Wednesday, or Thursday, or really any day? There is nothing worse than a case of the Mondays.

I am fairly happy-go-lucky.  I tend to look on the bright side of things.  Find that silver living.  Look for the rainbow after the rain. But even with my fabulous rose-colored glasses I can hit a rough patch, and I have been known to have a case of the Mondays.  I work hard, and make a conscious effort to enjoy being a stay at home mom. I’ve learned a few tricks to help myself get pumped and psyched for the day…. even if it’s a rough one.  

What’s my go-to get psyched for the day?

Lipgloss and mascara.  And if we are being honest, some earrings. I might not have time for a full face of makeup, and necklaces immediately become a teething toy, but I will always start my day with some lipgloss and mascara. 

Inner Beauty and MascaraPhoto Credit

It might sound silly that two such, seemingly small and insignificant items could get me ready for the day but it’s the truth. And I am all about being honest with you! With some pumped up eye 

How do you get psyched for your day? 

Show us yours



Join us next week as we talk about shoes! Share with us your dream pair of shoes!

Marilyn Monroe
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Lucky Charm Marshmallow Treats

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With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, I have the perfect treat for you to whip up!! These Lucky Charm marshmallow treats are a quick, easy, and magically delicious.  Potentially too magically delicious, I am warning you that there is a possibility that you will want to eat the entire pan of these Lucky Charm marshmallow treats. 

Lucky Charm Marshmallow TreatsReady to make some Lucky Charm Marshmallow Treats??

1 package of large marshmallows
6 cups Lucky Charms
1/2 stick of butter

1. Spray a 9×13 baking dish with cooking spray.
2. Melt the 1/2 stick of butter.
3. Add the package of marshmallows, melt on low-medium heat. Stirring occasionally.
4.  Remove the marshmallow butter mixture from heat, once it is melted completely.
5. Immediately pour the Lucky Charm cereal into the marshmallow butter mixture.
6. Stir the mixture until the cereal is coated completely.
7. Pour the Lucky Charms in to the baking dish and press the mixture down.
8. Cover and let the marshmallows set.
9. Cut and enjoy!

St Patricks Day Lucky Charm Marshmallow Treats
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How to Enjoy Being a Stay at Home Mom -That’s What She Said #LinkUp #TWSS

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That's What She Said A weekly linkup, we share a quote and you share a post! Writers Bloggers Word Lovers Women's Words Quotes How it works

Please only linkup posts inspired by this week’s quote. We want to see how this quote will get your creative juices flowing. 

This is a party connect with others, let’s get mingling!

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TWSS 226 Features

YES, we loved what these ladies had to say! Check out their posts: Brittany, MultitaskMomma, Lynsey, Lynne, Mia, Karen, Sue, and Sheryl


This Week’s Quote

What have you been doing right lately?

TWSS: Rosa Parks- Never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right!

I am a stay at home mom.  When the boys were first born, I remember being asked by their pediatrician, “What do you do?” I found myself responding, “I’m a teacher. I teach preschool.”  It was my second nature response. It was my identity. For so long that was my response, I am a teacher. I quickly corrected myself, I was a teacher but I chose to take sometime away from my job as a teacher to be a stay at home mom.  

I can honestly say that making the choice and deciding to be a mom who does not work outside the home, was one of the best decisions I had ever made. That’s not to say my days are easy.  No days are easy in motherhood, whether you work or stay home.  Motherhood, life, is messy.

But deciding to be a stay at home mom is something I have done RIGHT lately. 

I’ve learned a few things along this stay at home mom journey so far. I thought I would share with you a few tips for how to enjoy being a stay at home mom…

How to Enjoy Being a Stay at Home Mom

Find Something for You
What is something that you love? That gives you a little extra? Something besides being a mama. Something that feels RIGHT.  For me it is this blog.  While it is a struggle to find the time, to make the time, I am always happy when I do.  Because when I do, I feel refreshed and happy and proud.

Get Ready for the Day
While it can be so easy to throw your hair up in a pony tail and stay in the same pajamas you slept in, I assure you it will feel better to shower, get dressed, and yes even put some makeup on.  Now I know this might not be realistic every day, but try.  And don’t do it for anyone but you.  Not your friend, not your husband, not your children. For you.  Blow your hair dry, throw on some mascara, maybe a little blush, take a deep breath and be proud that you got ready for the day.

Get Out There
Do something fun outside of the house with your children. Something together! The boys and I take swim classes each week… well, the boys are the ones learning to swim, but Matt and I get in the pool with them.  Just to clarify, I do know how to swim!  Our swim lessons are something we all look forward to each week.  So Mama, get out there.  It doesn’t need to be that organized as taking a class or lesson together.  You could go to story time at a local library or  go to the zoo.  Join a playgroup. Anything! I am a firm believer in getting out of the house, it makes EVERYONE happier, makes everyone feel right.  I am also a firm believer in making memories together. Memories that your child will have with YOU in them!

Find Mom Friends like You
Motherhood is hard, you need a village. It helps if at least part of that village is of moms who think like you; who share you thoughts on parenting.  It helps to be able to have mom friends to bounce ideas off of, to ask for help or suggestions.  Trust me, find your like-minded village and hang on to them!

Embrace the Mess
I wrote a whole post about my struggle with this, you can read it here. This was a harder one for me to grasp, but boy is it an important one.  Because at more than one point in time, I can guarantee life will be messy, and guess what? That is ok.  It is right for things to be messy.  There is no such thing as perfect; you’re not the perfect mom, you don’t have the perfect, clean, tidy house, dinner is gourmet, looking like Curtis Stone prepared it himself.  Maybe it will. And kudos to you.  But maybe it won’t, and kudos to you too.

Drink Wine
Or beer, or whiskey, or eat some ice cream, or get a pedicure.  Wine is my reward at the end of a day.  What’s yours? Because after a long day of changing diapers, picking up the same toys no less than 35 times, making breakfast, lunch, and dinner, attempting to get a workout in, maybe paying a bill or two, giving baths, hugging, kissing, and loving your babies…. trust me you deserve a glass of wine, a shot of whiskey… or maybe two!

Look at Your Children
And I truly mean look; physically look at them, stare at them! Memorize their chubby cheeks, their perfect nose, their little mouth, the way they scrunch their eyes when they smile. Ignore the dog fur on the floor, the dust bunnies need some friends anyway, and stare at your precious babies. As the play, as they sleep, as they sit quietly for those few minutes. Take those few minutes each day and just be in awe of them. This will make you feel right.

Remember Time Flies
The phrase time flies when you’re having fun has NEVER been more true in my life. I work hard to savor every moment; to take time to gawk and be in awe of my babies. But somehow, time still flies, somehow in the blink of an eye my babies are growing and changing and slowly not being baby babies anymore.  So when you are struggling, when your day is particularly long or hard or tiring, ora all of the above… take a minute to remind yourself that what seems so long and hard and tiring will be over in the blink of an eye. Everything really is just a phase. So enjoy it!

Have I forgotten anything in my list of how to enjoy being a stay at home mom? Are you a stay at home mom? What do you do to feel right about it all?

Show us yours



Next Week's Quote



#TWSS: Sometimes you just have to put on lipgloss and pretend to be psyched.- Mindy Kaling



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Springtime Cake Batter Blondies

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Springtime is right around the corner! Or if you are like me and live in Arizona, springtime feels like it has already arrived.  These springtime cake batter blondies are the perfect spring treat! They are not only delicious and super easy to make, but the colorful sprinkles are the perfect springtime pop of color! These springtime cake batter blondies are an easy, tasty, treat

Ready to see just how easy these Springtime Cake Batter Blondies are to make??


1 box yellow cake mix
1/4 cup canola oil

1 large egg
1/3 cup milk
1/2 cup sprinkles
1 cup white chocolate chips


Pre-heat oven to 350F degrees.  
Spray 11×7 baking pan with non-stick spray.
Combine cake mix, canola oil, egg, and milk into a large bowl. 
Mix ingredients together.
The cake batter will be dense and thick, almost dough like. This is OK!! Don’t panic, I included a photo below.Springtime Cake Batter Blondies
Mix in the sprinkles and white chocolate chips.
Pour into prepared baking pan.
Bake for 25 minutes until the edges are light brown.
The center might seem doughy, but that’s ok.
Allow the blondies to cool for 30 minutes so the center can set!
Cut and ENJOY!


These springtime cake batter blondies are an easy, tasty, treat
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VeggieTales Noah’s Ark DVD Review and #Giveaway #sp

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Do you have any VeggieTales fans in your house?? Then I have some exciting news for you today!!!

For the first time in more than 4 years, VeggieTales in releasing a NEW Bible themed movie. Noah’s Ark is packed with adventure, silly songs, and important lessons in trusting God. Starring Wayne Brady and Jaci Velasquez, along with Larry the Cucumber, Bob the Tomato and a whole crew of Veggies, Noah’s Ark will be availableMarch 3 on DVD and digital download.

Noah's Ark 3

I was lucky enough to receive a DVD early to watch and share with our sweet boys!! The boys loved the visuals of the movie; filled with happy faces.  And we couldn’t get enough of the catchy music!

And if we are being honest, we have not stopped singing “The Best Things Come in Twos” since watching it. We may have also added our own lyrics to include the names of our twin boys in the song. 

It can be challenging for children to comprehend the stories of the Bible.  Therefore one thing I love about VeggieTales in that it allows them to understand lessons that they may have otherwise missed.  I also love how VeggieTales makes it easy to enjoy a movie or show that shares valuable life lessons and quality fun!

I found myself smiling and laughing along with the movie.  I loved that the Ark is shaped like an orange slice.  And some of my favorite animals? The cute little pigs named Bacon and Pork Chop.  

Noah's Ark 1

Veggie Tales Noah’s Ark will be available for purchase on March 3, 2015. A few weeks after the DVD and digital download release of Noah’s Ark, the VeggieTales excitement continues when five ALL-NEW episodes of VeggieTales In The House, the hit animated series, debut exclusively on Netflix

Enter to win a FREE copy of VeggieTales Noah's Ark DVD

But you can get one FIRST here!! Enter to WIN your own FREE copy of VeggieTales Noah’s Ark!! Details below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Noah's Ark 2
To learn more about NOAH’S ARK, and to pre-order the DVD, visit the official VeggieTales website. I was given a copy of the DVD to review and share my thoughts with my readers. All opinions are my own.  Media images from GraceHill Media.

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3 Reasons Why You Should RUN to See McFarland USA {Movie Review}

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I had the opportunity to see a screening of Disney’s McFarland USA earlier this week and I left the theater feeling inspired!  It is without a doubt one of the most heart-warming movies I have seen lately.  Trust me, you need to RUN to the nearest theater and see McFarland USA.  I promise you will not be disappointed.

Here is part of the movie synopsis from Disney:
“Based on the 1987 true story, “McFarland, USA” follows novice runners from McFarland, an economically challenged town in California’s farm-rich Central Valley, as they give their all to build a cross-country team under the direction of Coach Jim White (Kevin Costner), a newcomer to their predominantly Latino high school. With grit and determination, the unlikely band of runners eventually overcomes the odds to forge not only a championship cross-country team but an enduring legacy as well.”

Must-see, right? Not convinced yet??

Well, here are three reasons why you should RUN to see McFarland USA

3 reasons why you should RUN to see McFarland USA - A movie review

1. You will leave feeling inspired… maybe even with the desire to run a mile or two.
I cannot say this enough!! The guts, grit, and determination of this unlikely group of runners is 100% up-lifting.  The movie stuck with me the rest of the night, and all through the next day. The tenacity of these young men will leave you feeling like you too could get up and run! Their strength and teamwork is something to strive for in your life.

2. These families work hard, but love harder.
I was astonished by the work ethic of the parents and children in this movie.  Their unwavering commitment to their job as “pickers” is unlike anything I have seen.  Living in AZ there are many stereotypes for the Hispanic community; this movie blew past those lines and created a community of like-minded people. A place to call home based on the love of one another rather than race.

3. You will laugh, and cry, and laugh again.
The movie is funny! I found myself chuckling under my breath at moments and at other times laughing out loud with everyone in the theater.  The characters of this film are relatable.  You love them and care for them.  When you see them face defeat and struggles; you feel their pain and your eyes fill with tears for them. But within moments, I promise you will be giggling again.

Bonus… good, clean, age appropriate romance.
I know, I know, I said THREE and here I am sharing a four! But I felt like this observation could not be left out. There is a minor plot line that involves a love story.  And it was a breath of fresh air to witness such an age-appropriate love.  There was no kissing between the young couple, just some hand holding.  I really appreciated the realistic representation of love. It was refreshing to see two young high school children in an innocent relationship with one another.

This movie is a MUST see! Ask my friends and family, I have not stopped talking about just how much I loved it since getting home from the theater.  Now don’t walk, but RUN to see McFarland USA now playing in theaters!


Images provided by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. I attended a screening of McFarland USA to share this review.

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