This year I am making two new Thanksgiving dishes! Both are recipes that I came across on a blog I follow, How Sweet It Is. One of my favorite blogs! Jessica, who writes the blog, is absolutely hilarious and makes the most delicious dishes ever! I have been dying to try both of these recipes and am anxiously awaiting our Thanksgiving feast.

We will be starting our meal off with loaded sweet potato soup. We often have soup on Thanksgiving/Christmas/etc. My go-to soup is my Mom’s cream of broccoli soup. But this year we are mixing things up and I couldn’t be more excited. I mean, what’s not to love about a soup that has sweet potatoes, bacon, and mascarpone cheese? I rest my case!

The other recipe I am trying this year is brown butter mashed potatoes. The recipe seemed so simple that I almost didn’t give it much thought. However, this was perhaps the 100th post that Jessica had written about the fabulous, deliciousness that is brown butter sooo… I decided to listen.

I will let you know what everyone has to say about the new recipes!

Happy Cooking!