It’s hard to believe that 2013 is already coming to an end!! I remember sitting down to write a similar post this time last year. 2013 was a wonderful year; filled with fun trips, memorable vacations, and countless times spent with our family and friends. 2013 was not without flaw, we had our challenging moments as well. But thanks to those treacherous mountains we climbed, we were able to make it to the top, stronger than before. Corny analogy? Oh well, it’s the truth! 

Here are my favorite 13 moments in 2013

1. Running a 1/4 marathon with my sister while our incredibly supportive husbands cheered us on! We also ran several other races together, but this was my favorite. Bre is the best running buddy around. #sistersrun1000

1/4 Marathon

2. Trip to LA; in particular getting to meet Michael Voltaggio, seeing my BFF Amy who lived in LA, going to Disney, shopping on Rodeo Drive, exploring the Getty Museum… really I could go on and on. This trip was wonderful.


3. Hosting a St Patrick’s Day dinner with some of our wonderful friends.

4. My family coming to visit this summer. We hiked, relaxed by the pool, did a stay-cation at the JW, and enjoyed the time we had together.  It is so hard living away from some of the people who mean the most to you.  We really value the time that we have together, and always look forward to our next adventure.

5. My BFF Amy moving back home!!! And can we also talk about how she got engaged and I have loved every second of helping her plan her wedding. Cannot wait for her big day in 2014.

photo 5
6. Going to see Florida Georgia Line with Matt and some of our great friends. It was a perfect night. I love a good outside concert! While we are talking concerts I also made a quick trip to Phoenix to see the amazing Justin Timerlake!!

JT <3
7. A quick weekend trip to San Francisco. I am still amazed at just how much we were able to see in a short period of time. Plus we got to see our wonderful friends Ashley and Evan, and that was the best part of the weekend! Although, seeing how excited Matt was to pick up his Google Glass was pretty phenomenal too!

Golden Gate Bridge
8. Sometimes life throws you giant, unexpected curve-balls. Matt and I had many of those this year. But what we discovered along the way is far more valuable. We have an amazing support system; filled with family and friends who loved us and encouraged us every step of the way. They shared their love, positive attitudes, and words of wisdom with us. This year in particular, the love of our family and friends is something neither of us will soon forget. 

Yellow daisys
9. Planning fun date nights and spending time with just the two of us, we tried new restaurants, explored new hiking trails, did mini-road trips. In hindsight this was genius!

10. Celebrating Sam’s 30th birthday on Thanksgiving day. We had the best non-Thanksgiving-Thanksgiving ever. Who needs turkey when you can eat ugly steak!

Bre and I
11. Trip to Kauai with Matt’s family. We had so much fun on this trip. With Robin and Tony living in Australia, it was such a treat for all of us to be together. To laugh and joke, and make a lifetime of memories. The island was beautiful and we loved every adventure. We also were in Kauai for Robin and Tony’s wedding .  Robin and Tony are such the perfect couple, we are so happy for them and were so grateful to be a part of their day as they started the next part of their life together as husband and wife. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 9.31.51 AM

12. Coaching Girls on the Run this fall. I loved every minute of watching the girls learn to love running. It was amazing to see their confidence grow and see them walk a little taller at school. Girls on the Run is a truly phenomenal program for elementary school girls. 

13. Learning that our family would be growing in 2014. Seeing our two sweet babies for the first time when they were just a few weeks old. Sharing the news with our family and friends. 


We have been so blessed this year, but I can’t help but think the best is yet to come!